As our Articles of Incorporation state: 

The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized are to own and operate a school. It shall stress hard work for students and teachers seeking growth together-- growth from the inside to the outside steeped in a rich historic tradition. It shall search for new routes of expression that will spring from worn educational paths. It shall work together with varied disciplines remembering the nature of the school's surroundings, knowing that no technique or form of expression is superior to another when spirit and sensitivity are blended together to take form. Through intellect, emotion, time, and work-pleasure it shall strive to produce a craeft-art metaphor

We offer teachings about a lifestyle that is purposeful, functional, and simplistic. This is an opportunity to learn and grow within a community that holds space for its members to live, work, and create. Exploration and observation of the natural world is essential to our lives and to art. We encourage meditation, discussion of philosophy and world-view, and value being place-based and environmentally conscious. The way you live is an art unto itself. Say as much as you can with as few words as possible. Learning to express oneself directly is part of being a person who crafts their communications succinctly. We hope to do this in our artwork in a way that says volumes more than just a sentence or brush stroke. The main tools for maintaining the tradition while changing its direction are primarily demonstrations. One purpose is to tell the story through the art. Anything significant to you can be significant to the world. Even things considered insignificant or mundane can be art. Work hard to coexist peacefully within your communities, and be a force for creativity and change. You must learn the rules before you are able to break them.